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Identify and categorize the main problems
Implement mitigating actions to overcome the main obstacles
Implement special processes to guarantee compliance
Elaborate Contingency Plans


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Exploration and production projects must follow strict engineering standards as well as a number of regulatory and compliance rules across many disciplines.  It takes coordination of a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals to execute oil and gas well development projects to the highest standards of engineering and industry best practices while staying within regulations and compliance.

Our proven methodology and process helps ensure the delivery of oil and gas projects that consistently live up to their full potential: increased safety, lower operational and environmental risk, and optimized profits. We work with your people bringing our extensive knowledge, experience, proven methodology, and technology, and as we work through your projects we transfer our knowledge and train them, building your team’s capacity along the way.  


Our training is delivered by highly educated subject matter experts (typically at the PhD level) with decades of teaching, consulting, and hands-on field experience.

Whenever possible we integrate the development of a real case project as part of our training curriculum to maximize and accelerate learning through field practice. Sponsoring companies benefit because their investment in training comes with field experience.  Students benefit from the expertise gained solving real project challenges. Students receive full access to our computer aided engineering software, including design and simulation tools during the course.

We offer training in petroleum engineering, facilities engineering, subsea engineering, and fluid engineering.

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We represent and partner with some of the world’s cutting-edge engineering research and development companies that offer advanced computational design and simulation tools to assist in complex analysis and decision support for oil and gas development projects. 


We look for companies with the best technologies that integrate seamlessly with our process and workflow routines.




We understand the complex steps, processes, specifications, regulations, and best industry practices oil and gas well development projects must adhere to ensure they meet internal and external engineering, design, safety, environmental, and operating standards.

Our seasoned professionals provide audit services to review well development projects.

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