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Cavity Compressibility Analysis in the Salt Zone

Geopressure Study

The organization of geomechanical data by well and by area, together with the damage indentified in the drilling of the wells, follows Syngular’s philosophy of generating valuable information for our client.

Development of a Wireline Monitoring System

Breakout Analysis

•Compression fractures that occur in the well wall;

•Caused by contrast between the main horizontal stresses;

•The breakout must be properly identified to avoid confusion with other anomalies that occur in the diameter of the well;

•It can vary both in depth and in location in the area;

•The criteria for breakout identification is based on the following factors:

  –difference between well gauge and nominal drill diameter

  –contrast between the reading of one of the arms in relation to the others

  –diameter anomalies must occur on both arms of the same pair

  –check if there was no tool rotation

Identified three intervals with Breakout

BO 1 (512 to 522) m

BO 2 (632 to 647) m

BO 3 (720 to 730) m

Probable direction of the minimum horizontal stress, according to the well breakout analysis.

                                  243º ± 6º

Some Cavities Guidance :


Well 01: 269º

Well 02: 204º

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