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well for P&A operations 

with the goal of successful operations, respecting principles that guarantee: reducing operational risk, improving learning, sharing knowledge, increasing efficiency. 
Respecting the environment and safely.

how we it

In order to optimize the stages of the process, Syngular Solutions uses the PDCA methodology to achieve excellence and obtain results in the face of challenges. 

Gráfico Ciclo PDCA Azul.jpg

Plugging problem: damaged cased-well 

A provisionally closed well, with total casing ruptures, with no work string access to the bottom.

There was a 41/2” fish on the well bottom.


An interception well was planned and drilled to allow access to the original well.

The work string was run down through the interception well and entered the original well through the window.

Through the intercept well, the bottom cement plug was made and the top checked.

Then,  a “U” shaped intermediate cement plug was performed in both wells.  A top cement plug was performed in the interception well.

In a second intervention, a top cement plug was made in the original well.

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