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well for P&A operations 

with the goal of successful operations, respecting principles that guarantee: reducing operational risk, improving learning, sharing knowledge, increasing efficiency. 
Respecting the environment and safely.

how we it

In order to optimize the stages of the process, Syngular Solutions uses the PDCA methodology to achieve excellence and obtain results in the face of challenges. 

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Plugging problem: highly damaged well

A highly damaged well, with no access to the bottom, should be plugged and permanently abandoned.

There were a 7 in column up to well bottom.


An interception well was planned and drilled to provide a path to the bottom of the original well.

The remaining column below the window was perforated by hydrojeting and a cement plug was established at the bottom, isolating the entire lower part of the original well.

The plugging was done and filled the tubing and annulus with cement, isolating the reservoir. Then, the intermediate and superior plugs were performed.

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